BZE Status Update May 20, 2024

2 min readMay 20, 2024

BZE v7 DApp testing

BZE v7 DApp is available for TESTNET at We’re going to push modifications periodically so you can check them out!

Available pages

So far we have the following pages available:

Chain params page

This is the page where you are able to see blockchain’s parameters related to our DApp: Tradebin module, Token Factory module and Rewards module. Most of the parameters are used by the blockchain to know the fees required to be paid when performing certain actions, Remember that the values you see there are available on testnet and they have been lowered to facilitate easier testing. On mainnet all parameters will have higher values. When we release v7 on mainnet creating a dex market, creating a token or creating rewards will cost 10,000 BZE. Don’t worry, we will be able to adjust the parameters as we see fit through governance proposal.

Burner page

We all know BZE is performing periodical burnings and we decided to invest a little time to show them on a nice UI. This page is showing all historical burning events and the upcoming ones that are in the voting period (when there’s one).

Token Factory page

This is the cooking place for project owners to create their own tokens, modify them, mint, burn and update them. Feel free to have a look. Don’t worry if you see odd denominations. The UI is able to show user friendly denominations when they exist in Cosmos Chain Registry or when the metadata of the token is updated on BZE blockchain.

Under development

Rewards page

As you might know v7 will also allow users to create staking rewards for their chosen denomination or trading rewards for a desired DEX market. This page is currently under development and it’s expected to be finished by the end of next week.

The v7 network upgrade indeed brings several important features and usages for BZE:

  • Creating a DEX Market Between Two Coins: This can be done by anyone and costs 10,000 BZE.
  • Creating a Token: Costs 10,000 BZE.
  • Creating a Staking Reward: Costs 10,000 BZE.
  • Creating a Trading Reward for a Certain Market: Costs 10,000 BZE.

All of these prices are adjustable through governance proposals. Moreover, interacting with the blockchain — such as performing the above actions, trading, and moving tokens — will incur small BZE fees, significantly increasing the professional usage of BZE.

With the current block minting time of 5.8 seconds, even if this increases to 6 seconds for a block with 500 DEX orders, it demonstrates the system’s efficiency. This capacity ensures no issues handling 83 orders per second, reflecting a high level of professional capability and performance.

We’ll announce when new developments are available on testnet DApp. Feel free to provide feedback. We’re eager to hear it.

We greatly appreciate your continued support!




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