BZE Status Update March 25, 2024

2 min readMar 25, 2024

CoinTrunk Mobile App Passes Internal Testing, Prepares for Closed Testing and Google Review

The CoinTrunk mobile app has successfully completed all phases of internal testing, marking a significant milestone thanks to the dedicated efforts of the BZE Alpha Team. This achievement represents a major step forward in the development of the app, showcasing significant enhancements in performance and user experience, along with the resolution of minor bugs.

The app has now entered the closed testing phase and is currently under review by Google, indicating a step closer to its official launch. The team behind CoinTrunk is thrilled about this progress, as it represents a foundational step in their journey towards offering a robust and user-friendly decentralized application (DApp) experience.

One of the key highlights of this achievement is the significant improvements made to the app’s performance and overall user experience. These enhancements are expected to elevate the app’s usability and make it more seamless for users to engage with the features offered by CoinTrunk.

Moreover, this development aligns with the ongoing progress of the BZE v7 network upgrade, which is reported to be 80% complete. The successful testing of this upgrade so far indicates a promising future for both the CoinTrunk mobile app and the broader BZE ecosystem. It is anticipated that the v7 network upgrade will further enhance the mobile app experience, creating a synergistic relationship between the two developments.

Users and stakeholders are encouraged to stay tuned for more updates as the CoinTrunk mobile app progresses through closed testing and approaches its official launch. This milestone underscores the commitment of the BZE Alpha Team to deliver innovative solutions and elevate the decentralized finance (DeFi) experience for BeeZee community.

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